Thursday, April 16, 2009

Round and Round We Go

Hey girl what’s up” I walk casually into the Filter Bar and have a seat across from McKenzie

Don’t you hey girl me, you stanking hussy. Where the hell have you been?” Ok so I get it McKenzie is pissed with me. What else is new in my life

“ You know, over here over there, just trying to do me.”

“I swear I will take every little piece of fake hair off your head if you don’t speak up.”

“Ok, Ok. Sha and I are back together and he surprised me with a trip to New York, so we just been chilling. You know how it is.”

“ I don’t know how it is, have you heard of a little device called a telephone.”

“He decided no phones, no tv, and no computers. Just he and I getting that old thing back.”

“So let me get this straight, you had me clown with you on this fool in the club and now you sitting here singing his praises.”

I didn’t know what to say so I just looked down. I don’t want to feel like a fool and I thought Kenzie would understand better than anyone.

“I know that’s right girl get yo man back, you know I was just pulling your card. I would have done the same thing.” A smile as wide as the Mississippi was on her face and I knew that she was just playing.

“Thank you girl I love that man so much and you wouldn’t believe the way he makes me feel. You know a nicca is bad to the bone when they can touch your soul from a kiss.”

“Tell me about it. I saw Danger while you were gone”

My fabulous pomegranate margarita flew out my mouth and nose simultaneously. The news that McKenzie hit me with was enough to send me to the pearly gates of Heaven.

“Did you say Danger, as in Danger you been with since 14, got you pregnant, helped you do your own homemade abortion, had you selling drugs for him, you caught a case for, use to cheat on you, fine ass Danger.”

“Thanks for the history lesson, but yeah that would be him”

“Kenzie what are you doing, it took you a long time to get your life back right after him. Why in the hell would you go see him and when did he get out of the Feds.”

“He got out 4 months ago and we hooked up the first day he got out. I need to be able to shake him but it’s just something about him.”

Well I hope it is worth your husband and your daughter. I tell you penis will make a woman do some strange things. Barkeep I need another Margarita and this time make it double.”

"Girl you don't know the half of it, he got me wanting to run away with him."

"I know you are grown Kenzie, and it's your life, but I am trying to tell you what I know. And I know that nothing good will come from this."